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Happysad is one of the most recognizable Polish rock bands. The band was founded in Skarżysko-Kamienna, and its beginnings date back to 2001. For years, they have been giving regular concerts and appearing in Polish clubs; they have also been invited to various musical events. Their music suits both older generations and students. They have played over 1000 concerts and have received five platinum and three gold records. Their music has accompanied people for generations. A lot of people attend their concerts, and the band itself has permanently entered the history of Polish rock.

The band consists of six people. Kuba Kawalec is the lead singer and plays the guitar. Łukasz Cegliński also plays the guitar. Artur Telka plays bass, and Jarek Dubiński plays percussion. Maciej Ramisz plays keyboards and supports the band vocally, and Michał Bąk is responsible for the saxophone, keyboards, and vocals.

The band has an extensive discography. In 2004, Happysad  released their debut album, called  Wszystko jedno. A year later, they made their second album entitled Podróże z i pod prąd. In 2007, the band's third album, Nieprzygoda, had its premiere. Both the first and third albums have been certified platinum. In 2008, the band released a DVD entitled Na żywo w studio. In 2009, the band created Mów mi dobrze.

In 2011, the band celebrated its tenth anniversary; to mark this occasion, the band recorded Zadyszka. It is a collaboration with bands that perform Happysad songs.

 In 2012, the album Ciepło / zimno was created, and in 2014 Jakby nie było jutra. Three years later, in 2017, the band made Ciało obce, and two years later, in 2019, Rekordowo letnie lato. Each of these albums gathered numerous fans and took high positions in the charts.

The band supports the activity of The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity and has performed at the Polish festival Pol'and'Rock festival. In 2013 and 2020, CDs and DVDs of these concerts were created.

2021 is the 20th anniversary of the band's existence. For this occasion, the band released the album Odrzutowce I Kowery. Also Żaneta Gotowalska's book, Zanim pójdę. Długa droga zespołu Happysad, had its premiere. A birthday tour has also started.

text: Paulina Grabowska